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The Global Law Summit

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Logo of the Global Law Summit

The Global Law Summit is a world-class international Summit that will be held in London from 23 – 25 February 2015, celebrating 800 years since the sealing of Magna Carta.

The Summit will host a variety of world class speakers and delegates including international Ministers, law firms, general counsel, multinationals, academics, and non-governmental organisations. It is supported by the UK Ministry of Justice, the British Council, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK Trade and Investment, the Bar Council, the Law Society, the City of London Corporation, the Judiciary, and an international network of law firms and businesses. We are working in close partnership with the Magna Carta Trust 800th Committee and the sub-committee of Legal Affairs.

This unique event will examine how the rights established by Magna Carta remain crucial to underpinning economic growth as the lifeblood to business, government and society. The Summit will be structured on four key themes:

  • Driving economic growth through the Rule of Law
  • Law at the heart of the 21st Century business
  • Magna Carta principles and modern world solutions
  • Law as the foundation of a strong and prosperous society

We are fortunate that the UK can pull on a long tradition of the Rule of Law, and the Summit marks 800 years since Magna Carta first set down many of the principles of freedom and justice that still guide our law, and that of many other countries, today. One of our discussion sessions, led by the Law Society, will examine the impact of Magna Carta on those countries that gained their independence from the UK in the last century. It will explore the way in which those new states developed their legal systems using Magna Carta’s principles to go further than what they had inherited and to drive their own economic development. Questions of whose responsibility it is to defend the Rule of Law and how to get the balance right in judicial review are designed to offer a lively exchange between profession, judiciary and government!

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