15th June 2015 marks the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta and preparations are underway for some truly memorable commemorations across the country.


The anniversary, and the many associated events and new product developments that will be unveiled, provide a unique opportunity for commercial tour packages around this theme.

How can we help?

To make your itinerary planning easy, we have created a number of sample trails that take in the key locations and associations with Magna Carta across England.

  Download Magna Carta leaflet (pdf)
  Download sample itinerary (pdf)


No website or brochure is complete without some striking images to bring the pages to life. We have created a library of images you are welcome to use for your promotions.

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Contacts at destinations and attractions

Need help at a local level? Please contact the experts who can help with your tour planning needs, if they can’t help you directly, they will know who can!

City of London Nick Bodger [email protected]
Durham Sarah Johnson [email protected]
Kent Alanna Kite [email protected]
Lincoln Emma Tatlow [email protected]
Salisbury Cathedral David Coulthard [email protected]
Surrey Anna Tomkins [email protected]
Temple Alice Pearson [email protected]
Windsor Julia White [email protected]
Wiltshire Flo Wallace [email protected]
Worcester Victoria Carman [email protected]
Worcester Cathedral Susan Macleod [email protected]

Wholesale packages

A number of wholesalers have developed Magna Carta packages. This is by no means an exhaustive list but any of these operators would be happy to help you with tour planning.

Promoting your package to consumers

If you have a Magna Carta themed package we would be more than happy to promote this via our “Bookable Tours” section. Please send details through to [email protected].