King-John-SealTwo important Magna Carta items are housed in the New Library building of Hereford Cathedral together with a wealth of other fantastic treasures. The first is
the finest surviving 1217 Magna Carta – the significant revision of the original 1215 charter issued by King John’s son Henry III.

The second is the sole surviving copy of the ‘Kings Writ,’ issued by King John in the form of a letter to royal officials across England following his meeting with the barons at Runnymede. The document instructs recipients to ensure the terms of the charter are made known publicly, sworn to and kept. Period illuminations and documents from the cathedral’s historic Chained Library are on view and illustrate themes of the charter.

Whilst in the area:

The unique Mappa Mundi depicts the beliefs, knowledge and scholarship of the 13th century European world. It was created about 1300.

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